Bindt is an extension of founder, Bindya Devi Talluri’s personal beauty journey and tryst with beauty. 
After years of quick fixes and cover ups in her battle with hormonal acne, she began to look for holistic healing solutions. While clean eating, fitness routines and plant-based skincare became her go-tos, access to non-toxic makeup remained a challenge.


Not to be deterred, Bindya sought the skills of experts to create her own line of clean, organic makeup - a combination of natural ingredients that cover, enhance, dramatize and most importantly, are kind to skin.


As a blogger, Bindya would often test new makeup kits and palettes. For most part, it was fun. But when her breakouts worsened, she began to educate herself on what goes into most makeup. A few horrifying revelations later, she realized that as an influencer she had the power and the responsibility to not just change perceptions but habits too. 

While she remains pro-choice and understands why so many women love conventional popular brands as she once did, she has made the switch to organic, almost entirely. 

“If an ingredient is unrecognizable, you probably wouldn’t eat it, but so many of us would still put it on our skin.”
Bindt (pronounced bint) is, in essence, Bindya’s story.
But it’s also the story of countless other women. 
Bint translates into girl or daughter in Arabic and perfectly encapsulates the nurturing, feminine energy of the brand.  
“Bindt is more than Bindya, it is every girl.”